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1. Firstly, dear instructors!

We want to help you at work. ™ has been created for you as a free tool to organize your work. 

2. Secondly, dear divers!

Our mission is to enable you to find the best offers, courses and diving trips, as well as publish free ads of shared diving trips within Aquanaut. Share the costs, dive cheaper, safer and more often in more and more new locations! 

3. Thirdly, we are not commercial!

Yes, our portal has paid subscriptions and commissions on booking fees, but only in order to create a value system.

We left the option of using the portal for free, while providing the opportunity to earn money thanks to the Hydranet℠ Program - participation in the program is free! 

Our main assumption is to check some unconventional ideas to popularize diving in practice. With time, on the foundation of this original project, we will build success for all its participants.

In order to do that we need you and your ads! We are sure that the solutions available on the portal will be a great help as well as a practical and free tool for the entire diving industry.

Learn, dive safely, take care of our aquatic environment and share your passion with others.

Act locally, think globally.

Only you can consciously protect the beauty of the underwater world.