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Advanced Open Water Diver


Date de début: 22.05.2021

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Join the course: "ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER"-3 days. Advanced Open Water Diver course prepares diver for autonomous diving.

- Where to dive?

- When you must turn back?

- How to get back to the starting point?

- When you must get to surface?

- How to plan a dive?

In the PADI Advanced Open Water course, you will complete 5 exciting dives that will make your skills better, more controllable and safe. Once you feel yourselves ready to get out from under the tutelage of an instructor, you will ask these questions. This course in “Learn to dive” chain follows the course "Open Water Diver" or "Adventures in Diving”. Upon completion of the course a diver gets “ticket” to dive to a depth of 30 meters. In our dive center we include in this course 2 dives to the world-famous Zenobia wreck, which is located at the ideal depth for recreational diving. You can find more information about Zenobia wreck at the Dive sites section of our website. One of the obligatory academic’s dives in this course is Underwater Navigation, which usually takes place around our very own "antique" statues of Green Bay. This course is ideal for anyone who already has an entry level card (any agency) and decided to devote up to 3 days of diving in Cyprus. Each dive takes place in a new place plus you will receive a next level certificate and quality education in your mother tongue. Under the guidance of PADI instructors, you will make a deep dive, learn to navigate and get three additional dive skills, such as dry suit, underwater shooting, jump from the boat, ideal buoyancy, wreck dive

* Certificate of Advanced Open Water Diver , learning materials and equipment rental are included in the price.

PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors
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Pays: Cyprus
Ville: Ajia Napa
Les coordonnées: (34.992284, 34.014011)

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